The Genesis of Flavor Innovation

Founded in 2017 by the visionary Merlin Dragutinovic, Headshot Concentrates began its journey in the picturesque heart of Austria. What started as a passionate hobby quickly blossomed into a formidable enterprise dedicated to the art and science of flavor.

Our commitment to continuous development, coupled with an unwavering dedication to quality, has propelled us from humble beginnings to a position of esteemed leadership in the flavor industry.

Our Core Principles

At Headshot Concentrates, our devotion to excellence is reflected in every drop. We meticulously source the finest raw materials globally, ensuring that each product not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Our mission is to craft flavors that are not just unique but transformative, offering a taste experience akin to a culinary explosion with every use.

Craftsmanship and Quality

Versatility in Application

Our Mission: Elevating Taste

Discover the difference

"In our quest for flavor, we blend passion with innovation, tradition with exploration. Each creation is a journey, not just of taste, but of discovery. Let's savor the journey together, for every drop of flavor is a step towards culinary excellence."

— Merlin Dragutinovic, Founder of Headshot Concentrates


Launching the Headshot Line - A Flavor Revolution Begins

In 2017, Headshot Concentrates embarked on its groundbreaking journey, introducing the world to the Headshot Line — our maiden collection that laid the foundation of our flavor empire. With an initial offering of five daring flavors: Carnage, Bloodthirsty, Madness, Bullseye, and Revenge, we set out to redefine the landscape of culinary and mixology arts. Each flavor, meticulously crafted and infused with innovation, marked the beginning of our mission to bring unparalleled taste experiences to enthusiasts around the globe. This inaugural line not only showcased our commitment to quality and creativity but also symbolized the birth of a brand destined to push the boundaries of flavor exploration.


A Year of Expansion and Community at Headshot Concentrates

In 2018, we dramatically expanded our portfolio, introducing new flavors to the Headshot Line (Coldblood and Armory), launching the myth-inspired Lyons Regency Line, and the tranquil Insomnia Line, capped by the debut of our best-selling Noble Psycho Line with GOLD. Eschewing aggressive marketing, we focused on fostering a community that would champion our brand through word-of-mouth, solidifying our reputation for quality and innovation.


Headshot Concentrates' Year of Recognition and Expansion

2019 marked a significant leap forward for Headshot Concentrates as we stepped onto the global stage, attending exhibitions. Right from our debut, we captured the spotlight, earning the Best Newcomer award, and set a precedent for excellence. At every subsequent exhibition, our dedication to flavorings was consistently recognized, with awards for Best Flavorings affirming our commitment to quality.This year was also a period of prolific growth in our product offerings. We broadened the Noble Psycho Line with new, flavors, introduced the Legio Line, unveiled the Angel Merlin Line and the Dynasty Line.


Global Expansion and Flavor Innovation at Headshot Concentrates

In a landmark move for Headshot Concentrates, 2020 saw the launch of our online shop, opening our doors to the world. This strategic expansion enabled us to reach a global audience, allowing enthusiasts from every corner of the globe to experience the unparalleled quality and creativity of our flavors directly.The year was also marked by significant innovation within our existing collections. We enriched the Angel Merlin Line and the Noble Psycho Line with new, intricately crafted flavors, further cementing our reputation for excellence in the art of flavor creation. Additionally, we introduced the Exclusive Line, a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of flavor science and offering unique taste experiences that set new industry standards.


Monumental Growth in B2B Sector for Headshot Concentrates

The year 2021 marked a pivotal expansion for Headshot Concentrates, particularly within our business-to-business (B2B) sector. Recognizing the immense potential and demand for premium flavor concentrates in various industries, we strategically amplified our B2B operations. This expansion was not just about extending our reach; it was about forging meaningful partnerships and collaborations that would further solidify our position as a key player in the flavoring industry.


Sustained Growth and Continued Innovation at Headshot Concentrates

Throughout 2022, Headshot Concentrates experienced unwavering growth across both our business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) sectors, underscoring our brand's resilience and the enduring appeal of our flavor profiles. This year was characterized by a dynamic balance of strengthening our market presence, deepening customer relationships, and expanding our product portfolio.


Strategic Partnerships

In 2023, Headshot Concentrates marked a significant milestone by welcoming AROMA PALOTA, a distinguished distributor from Hungary, into our expanding network. This partnership was not just a step towards broadening our geographical footprint; it was a move that aligned with our vision of making our unparalleled flavors accessible to a wider audience. AROMA PALOTA's expertise and robust distribution channels have enabled our products to reach enthusiasts and professionals in Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Croatia, further solidifying our presence in Central Europe.

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